My overnight emergency bag, with a hint of fancy ;)

I’ve always had the habit of leaving a few useful things at work, like a little beauty kit or an extra pair of stockings.
But a couple of emergency trips teached me to keep an emergency overnight bag at the office, enough for an improptu night and day after (believe me, this things happend: I once had to rush to my family in another city, or got invited by my husband to reach him last minute while he was working away.)
Or you can simply got stuck in the rain without an umbrella or stain your whole outfit with a broken bottle of soap (yep, soap). Shit happens, so better be prepared.
I usually go for clothes than can be weared all-year-round, and add a sweater in the cold season.
I also have a full skincare and makeup kit at work, which I will show you in another post.
Se here’s what I have in my overnight emergency bag.

A word about the bag itself: it’s a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 40 .You might be wondering why I’m using such an expensive bag for a very random use; well because it’s very old, it’s second hand and it’s quite a versatile bag that I can use if the one I’m wearing doesn’t match the outfit or the situation. Any other 35/40cm bag will do the work super well, but I raccomend that you stick to a solid, neutral colour that works well with the clothes you’re putting into.

So pictured we have:

  • A light pj, with my night bra and some soft socks.
  • A complete change of lingerie, a pair each of dark, light and nude light microfibre of nylon socks,a tank top.
  • A pair of black pants, a white shirt, a black fancy top and a grey merino wool sweater.
  • A scarf, a pair of foldable flats, a belt.

Also pictured, two very important accessories: a spray hair-dye and a charger (I usually have a spare cable in my everyday purse).

Then I add a small accessories pouch.

Here’s the content:

  • A small flat iron (I tie the cords with some spare hair ties) and a small brush; I also carry a shower cap, ‘cause I don’t alway stay at a hotel, but I do want to take a shower without washing my hair.
  • Deodorant (I have now switched to NUUD which is THE MOST AMAZING deo of all times, but I still have some other travel size left to use)
  • Night kit: sleeping mask, ear plug
  • Miscellanious: lint roller, a razor, a vanity kit with some cotton pads and qtip and a mending kit, Seriously, every single time you’re at a hotel STEAL THEM!
  • I also carry a combination lock, because I’ve lost the Vuitton one, which anyway has a small key and it’s not always the best choice when you’re in a hurry.

And that’s pretty much it! I also have a trenchcoat in my car that I can use in case I need outerwear or a different one from the one I’m wearing, and of course a small umbrella during winter.

Come back soon to read about my beauty emergency kit, and tell me about your bag ;P

[Looking for the Italian version? Click here!]